Maizpide house

 like home

The most efficient way to learn a language is being immersed in it and its culture. That is the opportunity Maizpide is offering you: living “in Basque.”

Maizpide was created  in 1988. Its aim is to offer intensive courses to those people wanting to learn Basque and to become familar with the Basque culture. Maizpide offers this opportunity in a pleasant way.

In Maizpide’s “barnetegi” (boarding experience), the student will find a comfortable, amiable environment and an ample infrastructure for learning Basque.

Maizpide’s building consists of three floors. On the first floor you will find general services, such as the dining room, library, television room, computer room, etc.

Classrooms, language labs, and the cinema and theater room are found on the second floor..

Bedrooms are on the third floor.